De avonturen van een besneeuwde zetel. In Finland!


 Thursday – 9th of June

Got my provinssirock ticket from the ticket office. Yay! Did the last parts of the thesis. Not many changes since the last version. Sent this to the professor in charge. Summer. Also converted some dying pants into short summerpants, result was very to my liking.

  Friday – 10th of June

Good night of sleep. Got my interrail pass and the ferry ticket for the trip home. about 1.5 weeks of actual Finnish summer holiday about to begin. Spent some lazy time at home, tried eating some of the way too many stuff that still is there. Failed. By 4pm I started getting stuff and walk to my train. The same evening I’ve seen many spectacular views and went swimming in a lake.

Saturday – 11th of June

Could have been a good night of sleep if it wasn’t for the heat. My idea of “the heat” is something about 30°C tops during daytime, so still quite a bit less during the night. At noon started walking to another lake. Arrived after about an hour of walking in the sun, swam some and enjoyed the atmosphere. Verrrry cool. Few hours later I was taken to a picnic by boat! Yeaahhh! Had some nice snacks, interesting game of Mölkky, lying in the sun (yes, me, actually) and climbing a tree. Same night, left to a real summerhouse (mökki)! Since it’s at the seashore, it’s a lot cooler there. Nice evening 🙂

Sunday – 12th of June

Day full of surprises. After a looooong night of sleep, went for a boatride with my awesome host, to the shop and a short detour through open sea. Vrrooooaarrrr! Also got 2 new additions to my series of people climbing Finnish roofs! Just checked my legs for mosquito bites, I stopped at 40. I think that was all on 1 leg.. didn’t check the other leg nor my arms. But it should give you an idea!

Monday – 13th of June

Good night of sleep, woke up with some drizzle.. By the time we got to the rowing boat it was actually raining. While walking to the train station: rain. But it was fun. Got home, got some things done (like processing thesis comments, getting something to sleep on)…

Tuesday – 14th of June

At school now, waiting for my and Evert’s thesis to be printed. Will bring them to a shop once printed so they can be transformed into a nice book! Next up: getting my train reservations settled, eating some, packing, going to Vaasa.

More pictures later on, maybe in 2 weeks.. First need to do some tenting, festival, travelling, festival, sleeping..

Bye online world, bye technology. See you in a week 🙂


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