De avonturen van een besneeuwde zetel. In Finland!

What a night..

For those who do not know yet: Evert left the country and is back home.

The night.. Got an invite to go to Tiger during the day, didn’t feel like going but kind of got talked into going anyway. Arrived there, danced a bit with some other exchange students from all over Europe.. Including our favorite Russian-named boy! The night was warm, Tiger wasn’t that crowded.. Drinks were cheap (especially the water with an average price of 50 cents/glass!). My company drank somewhat too much, was a bit tipsy and suddenly disappeared at some point. Got a call, couldn’t make out any words. Got a call a bit later on too, I wasn’t standing in the loud music so I could make out SOME words. The tipsiness didn’t help though.

For several reasons I won’t be very clear on the rest of the story. Some keywords: drunk, taxi, taxi has to stop halfway there because someone feels like staying in the middle of nowhere, random Finnish girl who was willing to pick up a phone and do the Finnish communication (THANK YOUUUU), getting a drunk person in bed is NOT easy.

Oh, and let’s hope the three girls I met this morning will pass their entrance exams in Turku.


I’m knackered. Getting no sleep, some breakfast (in the oven right now RAWR) and one train in an hour! Central/Northern Finland here I come!


One response

  1. arrigi

    Apparently I fell asleep before I posted this message, so the “now” is not very correct. Missed the train I was supposed to take but on my way now!

    May 30, 2011 10:50 at 10:50

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